Fully integrated cycle of production

Ameta believes that its success stems from having the right people "on the bus" and then getting the right people in "the right seat" on the bus. To achieve this the Company continually seeks out talented individuals who have a desire to see their own tallents` develop and to be a part of a team that stands for quality, reliability and general high standards not only in the work place but also in their way of life.
Ameta has always supported staff development by providing opportunities to travel outside Bulgaria to attend the necessary training and educational courses that further enhance peoples individual skills. Good training opportunities exist inside Bulgaria as well but the exposure to other cultures brings a broader perspective to our teams view on problem solving and quality superiority. Regardless of the position that you are looking for in our Company you will be properly trained and will never be expected to perform without the appropriate training and guideance.
If you are seeking a chance to join a growing Company which is determined to continue to expand its operations, expand its product range, expand its customer service and expand the minds of its people then applying for a position in Ameta is a vital first step for you. There are a huge range of career opportunities just waiting to be filled, try us, we try you, and then we go forward together on a career that is fulfilling and adventurous.