Fully integrated cycle of production

Ameta is one of the largest food companies in Bulgaria and a leader in poultry meat production. Ameta produces a wide range of whole, cut-up, size specific, fresh and frozen high quality chicken. The Company has established itself as a supplier of animal feedstuffs in both bulk and bagged. The Groups headquarters are situated in Razgrad, in North Eastern Bulgaria.

In Ameta, we control all the different levels with the primary goal of delivering the best product to match our customers’ requirements. Our quality is the result of our attention to detail.

Ameta’s processing unit has BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) certification and is an approved Grade A KFC international supplier. All these are clear indicators that our customers receive their chicken in the best condition, on time and exactly as ordered.

Ameta markets its primary products under the brand Ludogorsko Pile. The Company can also package and deliver private brands of individual supermarkets. Our production is entirely customer-oriented and we can adapt our process to correspond to our customers’ wishes. We listen and respond precisely to the needs of our customers, their complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

The Company has an established network of traders and distributors throughout the whole country and we supply directly to Kaufland, CBA, Billa, Lidl, T-Market, Fantastico and Metro among others. Ameta also produces fresh bulk poultry for packers in the country and abroad and supplies most of the large meat processors in Bulgaria.

The Company regularly supplies customers in Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Cyprus, France and UK. About 35% of the Ameta’s production is sold for exports.

Ameta is a recognized supplier of the tourist resorts. We supply on time in convenient packs and according to the need of hotels and restaurants.

The company supplies KFC Bulgaria and KFC units in other countries.

Ameta has positioned itself as a high quality producer, we do not make compromises at any stage of the production process and we take pride in on time execution of orders and delivery. The wide network of traders and distributors guarantees a regular supply for our clients and guarantees the Company’s commitment to meeting the customers’ requirements. 


The Fully Integrated Production Process

Local and international consumers understand the importance of our closed cycle, fully integrated process and the guaranteed origin and handling of the meat.

Ameta has full control of all the individual processes that are necessary to take freshly grown grains and turn them into fresh, wholesome and tasty chicken products.