Feed for rabbits- starter 53-1

Guaranteed analysis (in%):
Energy 2638 Kcal/kg
Crude protein 19.00
Crude ash 5.00
Crude fibres 9.00
Calcium 0.80
Phosphorous 0.57
Lysine 0.70
Methionine+Cistine 0.60
Threonine 0.55
Triphtopan 0.15

Corn, wheat, wheat barn, soybean meal, sunflower  meal, alfalfa meal  monocalcium phosphate,lysine methionine, salt, vitamin-mineral premix enzime , cocciostatic.

Feeding recommendations:

The feed is used free choice throughout the day from 4th  week up to 12th week.

Feed for rabbits- fattening 53-2

Guaranteed analysis (in%):
Energy 2512 Kcal/kg
Crude protein 18.00
Crude ash 6.00
Crude fibres 11.50
Calcium 1.50
Phosphorous 0.80
Lysine 0.70
Methionine+Cistine 0.60
Threonine 0.60
Triphtopan 0.20

Corn, wheat, soybean meal, sunflower meal alfalfa meal, wheat barn, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, methionine, lysine, methionine salt, soybean oil, vitamin-mineral  premix, antioxidant , phytaza, enzime, cocciostatic.

Feeding recommendations:

The daily intake of pelleted feed varies from 100 up to 120 gr. per rabbit. The feed is used after the 12th  week.

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