Fully integrated cycle of production
History data

Ameta Holding was founded in 1995 and was involved in various agricultural projects between 1995 and 2000.  Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund (the “Fund”) was initially a minority shareholder and lender to Ameta, and assumed majority ownership and management in late 1999.

In early 2001, the Fund brought in new management headed by Hugh Johnson, an expatriate poultry production expert, and Lyubo Lozanov, a Bulgarian entrepreneur.  With their joint management the current, successful history of Ameta began. Currently, the Company is a foreign owned, 100% private operation.

During 2001 and 2002, the new management team moved quickly to improve conditions in the broiler grow-out operations.  Over the first 24 months, new feeding, watering, and ventilation equipment was installed in the broiler houses. Modern farming practices were implemented; a pelleting line was added to the feed mill; and the nutritional aspects of feed production were enhanced.

Key members of the team were sent for training abroad and live production managers were sent to poultry management school in the USA. Local workers were trained in modern poultry husbandry and bio-security techniques. 

In 2003, Ameta extended its operations by integrating new farms. This integration provided the infrastructure for Ameta’s transition into a world class broiler integration, and resources to support its growth to the present day.

The Company’s processing plant expansion was commissioned in September 2006 when the new receiving, kill, and eviscerating lines began operation. Entirely reconstructed and re-equipped cut-up, packaging and shipping areas were completed in 2007.  The processing plant expansion and renovation was the Company’s largest capital project and now Ameta operates a modern state-of-art processing facility providing a wide variety of raw chicken products.  The processing plant is licensed to sell all around the European union under number BG 1702001 and applies BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety).

Ameta has been integrating new facilities in the Northeast part of Bulgaria to provide the business with further expansion opportunities for the coming years.

Ameta Mission Statement

Ameta is a profitable, growing, independent Bulgarian company which seeks to be the best and most profitable poultry producer in the region. To achieve this, Ameta must:

(1) be the “preferred supplier” for its customers through superior products and service;

(2) provide a superior work environment offering personal and professional growth opportunities to its employees and managers;

(3) be a good corporate citizen in full compliance with local and EC health, safety, and environmental standards, and

(4) be smarter, faster, and more agile in solving problems and exploiting sound business opportunities than its competitors.